A & A Marine Hardware - Your One Stop Boat Store for Yachtmen, Sailors and Fishermen!
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of needs. Some of our featured products include:

Vudu Shrimp and Mullets, Egret Kick-A-Mullets, Matrix & Vortex Shad, Savage Gear Manic Shrimp, D.O.A. Cal Shad and Shrimp, Norm Baits, Golden Eye and David's Poison and Lead Belly Jig Heads, Original Odd-Ball and Boat Monkey Floats and Poppers
Dexter Knives
Marine Paint
Rule Pumps and Switches
Bilge & Fuel Hoses
Gates Belts
Oil, Fuel Additives and Fuel and Oil Filters
Galvanized & Stainless Hardware
Welding Supplies
Marine Safety Equipment
Marine Electrical Wire and Connectors
Electrical Supplies
Anchors, Rope & Chain
Marine Cleaning Products
Marine Batteries
Collinite Marine Product Anodes
Fishing Charts
Fiberglass Resin, Cloth & GelCoat
Oyster & Shrimp Gear, Basket, Rakes, Shovels, Boots & Rain Gear
Crab Traps & Hand Made Crab Nets, Bait Trawls and Cast Nets
Custom Boat Lifts
Stainless Seafood Burners and Pots
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